Freak Wave 007 – Sea Urchin, Yu Su, Sarathy Korwar +

Venturing deep into marginal music scenes from outside of the Anglo-American axis, with radical music from India, Poland, Portugal, China, Russia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

We hear from Sarathy Korwar, mixing Indian hip hop with his own take on jazz and indian classical  tradition; we take a cut from a new compilation which celebrates avant-garde Polish drumming; and there’s lo-fi teenage experiments from Lisbon producer Puto Tito.

Plus, Argentinean musician Barrio Lindo explores the deep and rich traditions of central and South American genres on his new album; there’s new Congolese bass music from Will’stone; and a sensational new album  from Egyptian Italian duo Sea Urchin; plus music from Chinese producer Yu Su; Moscow’s Atariame; Japanese duo Group A and, from Brazil, Krapp’s Last Tapes.

Listen to Freak Wave 007:

Playlist 007:

Episode Image: Sea Urchin

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