Freak Wave 004 – Maarja Nuut, Nihiloxica, Senyawa +

Venturing into marginal music scenes from around the world, Episode 004 features off-centre music from Uganda, Tunisia, Estonia, Indonesia, Japan, Spain and Iceland.

Episode Notes:

In this episode, Nihiloxica smash Bugandan drumming with avant electronics with exhilarating results; Tunisian producer Deena Abdelwahed taps some impressive remix talent for her new E.P. and there’s a mesmerising collaboration between Estonian vocalist and violinist Maarja Nuut and producer Ruum. Plus, music from Indonesian doom-folk duo Senyawa, Seville producer Lone Twin, eclectic Japanese artist Yoshinori Hayashi and lush vocal electronics from rauður from Iceland.

Listen to Freak Wave 004:

Playlist 004:

Episode Image: Maarja Nuut & Ruum Muutuja

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