Freak Wave 002 – Kelman Duran, Angel-Ho, Hama +

Episode 2 of Freak Wave ventures into experimental, underground and leftfield music from Dominican Republic, Niger, South Africa, Norway, Japan, Ecuador and Greece.

Episode Notes:

We start episode 2 by diving into Kelman Duran’s remarkable distillation of experimental electronics with reggaeton, dancehall and other Caribbean styles. We head to the Sahel region in West Africa for some Saharan synth wave from Hama; there’s a double hit of experimental vocal electronics from Norway’s NaEE RoBErts and South African artist Angel Ho; and we hear two cuts from a new compilation from Japanese label Diskotopia. Plus music from Ecuador’s Mala Fama  and Greek improvisational duo Aman!!!.

Listen to Freak Wave 002:

Playlist 002:

  • Kelman Duran (Dominican Republic) – funera-al – from 13th Month (Apocalipsis)
  • Hama (Niger) – Terroir – from Houmeissa (Sahel Sounds)
  • Angel-Ho (South Africa) – Like A Girl feat K-Rizz – from Death Becomes Her (Hyperdub)
  • NaEE RoBErts (Norway) – Elapsed – from Elapsed (NON Worldwide)
  • 食品まつり a.k.a. foodman (Japan) – Hitori Futari – from DSK F/W 2018-2019 (Diskotopia)
  • Kym Sugiru (Japan) – Cutty Lark – from DSK F/W 2018-2019 (Diskotopia)
  • Mala Fama (Ecuador) – Yana Huaita Yura Huaita – from Anta (Apocalipsis)
  • Aman!!! (Greece) – Train To Istanbul – from Aman!!! (Sucata Tapes)

Episode Image: Kelman Duran 13th Month

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