Freak Wave 001 – Jibóia, Nazar, Lucrecia Dalt +

Freak Wave is a brand new podcast featuring underground and experimental music from around the world, venturing into marginal music scenes from outside of the Anglo-American axis. Episode 1 kicks off with music from Portugal, Malaysia, Colombia, Italy, Angola, Spain and France.

Episode Notes:

Presented by Stu Buchanan, this first episode gives you a true taste of the Freak Wave aesthetic – we launch off with a free jazz approach to rock from Portuguese producer Jibóia, and continue our journey with rough koduro from Angola’s Nazar, new electronics from Malaysian electronic producer Wanhanzan and the debut from French producer and writer crystalmess. We also listen to recent releases on the Glitterbeat and Folcore labels and close with a beautiful remix of Colombian experimental artist Lucrecia Dalt.

Listen to Freak Wave 001:

Playlist 001:

Episode Image: Jibóia OOOO

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