Tag: Hyperdub

Freak Wave 008 – Kunnatic, MSYLMA, Rui Ho +

Episode 8 of Freak Wave features 60 minutes of mutant music from around the world, from Iceland, China, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia.

Freak Wave 002 – Kelman Duran, Angel-Ho, Hama +

Episode 2 of Freak Wave ventures into experimental, underground and leftfield music from Dominican Republic, Niger, South Africa, Norway, Japan, Ecuador and Greece.

Freak Wave 001 – Jibóia, Nazar, Lucrecia Dalt +

Freak Wave is a brand new podcast featuring underground and experimental music from around the world, venturing into marginal music scenes from outside of the Anglo-American axis. Episode 1 kicks off with music from Portugal, Malaysia, Colombia, Italy, Angola, Spain and France.