Freak Wave 008 – Kunnatic, MSYLMA, Rui Ho +

Episode 8 of Freak Wave features 60 minutes of mutant music from around the world, from Iceland, China, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia.

We start our journey in Japan with a prog- tribal excursion from Japanese trio Kuunatic; and we follow it up with music from minimalist transpop and postdisco duo Hyperculte; plus Chinese experimental hardcore producer Rui Ho and Taiwanese music technologist Floating Spectrum. We also hear from MSYLMA and DJ Haram, both delivering new experimental electronics with roots in the Quran, plus new work from Brazilian producer psilosamples and Reykjavik art collective Post-dreifing.

Listen to Freak Wave 008:

Playlist 008:

  • Kuunatic (Japan) – Dewbow – from Seitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun (Akuphone)
  • Hyperculte (Switzerland) – Homme – from Massif Occidental (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
  • RUI HO (China) – Ardour (Bela Remix) – from In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日 (Objects Limited)
  • Floating Spectrum (Taiwan) – Inner Island – from A Point Between (Temporary Residence)
  • MSYLMA (Saudi Arabia) – Min Bab AlKamal-i w AlDawam – from Dhil-un Taht Shajarat Al-Zaqum (Halcyon Veil)
  • DJ Haram (U.S.) – Body Count – from Grace (Hyperdub)
  • psilosamples (Brazil) – teoria 33 – from UFO vol1 
  • Axis Dancehall (Iceland) – Gamechanger – from DRULLUMALL 2 (Post-dreifing)
  • Sóla (Iceland) – Kaffikorgur – from DRULLUMALL 2 (Post-dreifing)

Episode Image: Seitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun

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